93rd Annual Oscars
I got the chance to work on the Oscars show package, in memoriam, and two teaser promos with an amazing team at Imaginary Forces led  CD Alan Williams.  The promos were inspired by artwork commissioned by the Academy from artists Temi Cocker and Magnus Voll Mathiassen. We took their designs and brought them into a 3D world.  Scenes were built in C4D and rendered with Redshift.  Nick Woythaler and I were also tasked with creating glass framing and imagery for this year in memoriam.  Each person was given their own glass treatment in C4D and this allowed the photography to help drive the refracting light.  



creative director: alan williams
producer: jj gerber
dp: christian haberkern
2d animators: alexis lim, miguel delcan
3d animators: nick woythaler, charlie proctor, patrick arrington, james gardner, jose checa
compositor: coche gonzalez, charlie proctor, james gardner
editor: danielle white, jeremiath shuff
based on artwork created by temi coker and magnus voll mathiassen
coordinator: jake fritz
head of production: melody alexander

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