This project gave our team a chance to try a few different techniques and get away from our common shoe stitch and build motif.  It starts with a photogrammetry base for the creek bed which was stitched together using Agisoft.  This model and textures were then cleaned up using ZBrush to retopo the mesh and create a more manageable file. The shoe was originally modeled and textured in Maya using a combination of CAD soul and photo references for the upper.  This model and the shoe were then brought into C4D for animation, final texture, lighting and final render using C4D's physical renderer.  We were unable to use a RealFlow artist on this projects, so all the water sims were done in C4D using X-Particles and ported back into the final scene using alembic files. We mixed in a few extra plant, rock, and water elements before rendering and finishing comp in After Effects. Below is a breakdown video and some stills from the process.

ROLL: Art Direction, Animation, Design, Compositing
Art Direction: Charlie Proctor
C4D/Animation: Charlie Proctor
X-Particles: Roy Cullen
Maya/ZBrush: Ken Bishop
Compositing: Alfredo Tognetti, Charlie Proctor
Photography: Markus

Original Style Frames

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